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The Power of Negative Thinking

Sometimes we go through situations that are not the most ideal. Whenever there's a challenge in life, it affects our mental health. We always have those moments of self-doubt where we question our capabilities or place in life. But that does not mean we rub those insecurities off on other people. We get so wrapped up in our negative thoughts that we do not see how it affects our behavior. Most people who have this problem have a hard time dealing with reality. We must control our negative thoughts when handling a situation because we never know what will escalate.

It's common to have low self-esteem as a teenager in this world. It can be easy to develop a negative mindset from previous experiences. No matter where you go or what you do, negative thinking seems to be in everyone. Sometimes it can be hard to think positively depending on the situation. But if we separate the good from the bad, we as individuals will always have an upside to life. Unfortunately, more people are having a hard time controlling their thoughts, and because of that, it is leading them to do harmful actions. The article written by Emma Marie Smith defines negative thinking and what it means.

"Negative thinking refers to a pattern of thinking negatively about yourself and your surroundings."

Comparing themselves to other people is a natural thing to do. These negative thoughts cause you to not only think about your flaws but your capabilities. We never can see the big picture when our minds are clouded with negativity. It can be hard to pick and choose our battles but we must figure out if it is worth feeding into. How do we stop negative thoughts from happening when we can't see how it affects the situation? We as individuals need a different perspective because seeing it through someone's eyes helps us solve the problem. In this article, I will be showcasing four scenarios of negative thinking and how it affects your everyday life.

Questioning Your Self Worth

Negative thinking can affect how you should value yourself. When a person continues to put themselves down, we continue to treat ourselves as if we are less than what we are. We fail to start thinking positively and miss out on receiving what we deserve. When negative thinking is in the way, it gives us more anxiety. The article from Tanya J. Peterson, who is a diplomate in the American Institute of stress, explains how negative thinking plays a part in losing ourselves.

Worry and fear make it seem like it's us alone versus the world, but self-doubt can destroy even this single positive reassurance, the thought that we can rely on ourselves.”

Missing Out On Opportunities Because of Fear

Life has so many things to offer, and we have to go for it. Sometimes When an opportunity presents itself, it is easy to question our worth. But the more we let fear get in the way, the more it will hold us back. Sometimes we have to take a risk on what we want. You might end up either liking what you are doing, or end up not caring for it. You never know what will happen until you try. When someone is scared of the future, it causes them to be inside their thoughts. These actions hold them back from not only moving forward but growing as an individual. Emma Marie smith speaks on how negative thinking affects how some people see the future.

“People often fear the unknown and are unsure what the future might bring. This often leads to "catastrophizing," which means always predicting failure and disaster.”

Developing Negative Thoughts About Someone Else

It is not only normal to hate one’s self in the process but also finds room to hate on others. You tend to perceive women through a negative mindset. When you compare yourself to them, you tend to hate on the attributes because of your insecurities. You only find the bad parts about them to make yourself feel good. Instead of getting to know them and seeing for who they are. You find ways to have drama with them while suppressing the real issue which is you. Defeating the power of negative thinking is not only finding pros and cons for your self-acceptance but giving others the benefit of the doubt. The article by Nick Wignall defines the term jealously.

“This standard definition of jealousy makes it seem like it’s all about what the other person possesses. In reality, I think jealousy is a much more inward-focused emotion—as if another person’s success or value is a reminder of inadequacy or fear within us.”

Maintaining Relationships

Sometimes bad experiences can get in the way of your relationships. You tend to build a negative mindset because of it. You push individuals away because you do not trust them. when it comes to you holding grudges, you will be missing out on new relationships because of your built-up anger. Since certain people are still processing their trauma, they tend to see everybody else the same way. This quote from Intrepid explains my point further.

“According to research highlighted in Psychology Today, a detailed study in the U.K. shows that how we react to traumatic situations plays just as critical a role as the events themselves in our outlook on life.”

Negative thinking is a habit that we tend to experience in our daily lives. Even though experience can contribute to our negative thoughts, there are ways of overcoming them. Mental health can be hard to handle when you do not have the proper education around you. People come from backgrounds where they do not know how to secure their mental state. The new generation has to find ways to address the problem that the previous ones couldn't. Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, try to ask yourself if it is worth it. We must ask ourselves these questions when it occurs.

  • Is this thought true or based on a negative belief?

  • Are you benefiting from thinking this way?

  • Is this covering up an issue that needs to be solved?

  • Can you put a positive spin on this thought or learn from it?

These questions should help out whenever a negative thought crosses your mind. We must spread awareness about mental health issues because the more we talk about them, the better we will be as a community!


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