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Become a part of the change within the artistic community and help us break the stigma around their mental health. 


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JP Padda

He/him, Addiction Psychiatrist, MD

JP Padda is an addiction psychiatrist and holds an MD. He is passionate about artistic endeavours being an actor himself, and understands artists on a deeper level. JP has joined us as a Wellness Partner and Psychiatry Advisor, coaching and supporting the Creative Partners.

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Tysia Suzuki

Tysia Suzuki

She/her, MBBS, Subject Matter Expert

Tysia Suzuki is a healthcare professional with an MBBS degree (MD equivalent) from Fudan University, Shanghai Medical College and is currently working towards certifying as a Health and Wellness Coach through the Mayo Clinic and the NBHWC. She is extremely passionate about the arts, having been engaged in acting, singing and modeling (Miss Universe Canada). She has joined us as a Wellness Partner and Program Advisor to help develop programs for our Creative Partners. 

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Kev Kokoska

He/him, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Kev Kokoska is an actor, Registered Clinical Counsellor and a member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. He holds a Master’s of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Kev has joined us as a Wellness Partner and Advisor, helping us build new programs for the artistic community.

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Bryony Ollier

She/her, Yoga Practitioner

Bryony Ollier is an advocate of kindness, of breathing deeper and fuller, bringing music and yogic arts into everyday living. She works with non-profit The Yoga Buggy to bring accessible yoga and mindfulness across the Lower mainland and Vancouver, BC. Bryony has joined us as a Wellness Partner to help artists find solace through newer mediums.

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Arlene Ambrose

She/her, Wellness Coach and Registered Nurse

Arlene is a Vincentian Canadian writer, Registered Nurse, and wellness facilitator/coach. She uses her combined education, faith and experience to facilitate workshops centred around holistic wellness. Her aim is to see more comfortable, confident, and self loving individuals. Arlene has joined us as a Wellness Partner to help artists with their creative blocks and wellness vision.

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Sarah Gray

She/her, Mindful Self-Compassion Coach

Sarah is a Trained Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion, a meditation teacher and a student. She has been studying and teaching mindfulness for over 10 years and has special interest in exploring the qualities of compassion, joy, gratitude, and curiosity. Sarah has joined us a Wellness Partner to facilitate mindful self-compassion workshops and interactive sessions for those who need it.

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Alyssa Kostello

She/her, Wellness Life Coach

Alyssa is a creator: writer, actor, director, producer, and certified Wellness Life Coach. She has a variety of artistic, environmental, and community-based project experience and recently launched her business 'Break New Ground'. Alyssa has joined us as a Wellness Partner to facilitate wellness workshops and 1-on-1 sessions for our Creative Partners.

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Marco Escher

He/him, Dance Movement Therapist

Marco Esccer is a Mexican queer artist, performer, creator and educator, and has a diverse background from the technical to the therapeutic aspect of dance. He has a profound interest in creating spaces for awareness of motion, feelings and thoughts and believes in Art & Movement as a human enhancing method to be more connected with creativity.

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Psychiatrist, MD

I worked with the incredible directors at Artists4MH for a number of wellness programs and that inspired me to do more community-based workshops. I am excited for the new programs that I am building with the team!

Subject Matter Expert, MBBS

The team at Artists4MH is an incredible mix of creators and inspiring businesswomen. We are collaborating on new programs for artists which will be launched in Jan 2022, and I am super excited for what's to come!

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